Day 4 in the Holy Land

Today was the experience of the inbreaking of hope.

We began our day with an organization named The Tent of Nations. The Tent was begun as the Nassar family farm was struggling to prove its ownership of its land.  They have farmed it since 1916 when they got a title to the land from the Ottoman Turks.  They also have tax receipts showing payments for the entire land since that time.  Nonetheless, the Israeli government says they are not allowed their land.  The Orthodox Jewish settlement on the next hill pulls out the Bible and claims the land as their own.  The Nassar farm is surrounded by three large settlements.

In order to have a way of staying in their home, the Tent of Nations was formed as a way to have international people connected in solidarity.  This solidarity is in a number of forms: prayer, financial support, and outside connections to keep pressure on the Israeli government, and due accompaniment.  This is very important, as the Israeli soldiers and settlers come by often for harassment.  International eyes are important to keep an escalation from occurring.

Perhaps with prayer and good advocacy  they might be able to keep their land and create a precedent for others.

After the Tent of Nations we went to two significant churches on the Mount of Olives.  The first was Pater Noster, where there is a cave that is believed to be where Jesus taught his disciples the Lord’s Prayer.  The beautiful thing is that there are more than 80 languages that have the Lord’s Prayer. It is a hopeful symbol of unity.  The second church on the Mount of Olives was Dominus Flevit where Jesus was believed to have wept over Jerusalem.

From there we ended the day by walking to the pools of Bethsaida and St. Anne’s Church.  At the pools Jesus did some healing and Mary was born in a cave below St. Anne’s.  Here we had a prayer for healing and a hope for healing in the Holy Land.


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  1. I remember being in the Holy Land and meeting Fr. James in Tiberiades. I hope you can find him again or that I can establish contact with him sometime. Not far away of there, there is a peace institute that was a great initiative to bridge Palestine and Israel.


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