Reflections from the Holy Land: Something to think about…

Today was a day of visiting Holy sites from our Christian heritage, mostly around the Sea of Galilee. The trip was a good 4 hours with traffic.  Besides visiting the Sea of Galilee (with) a boat ride, we visited the Beatitude Church, believed to be the site where Jesus taught his disciples; Capernum where he performed three miracles (the Centurion’s servant, the lame man lowered through the roof, and healing  Peter’s Mother-in-law.  We next visited the Church of the Multiplication, where tradition has it that Jesus multiplied the bread and fish.  We finalized our day with Mass at Peter’s Primacy where after the Resurrection, Jesus appeared to the fishing disciples and called Peter to build the Church.

One of my thoughts with these Christian Holy Sites is to see how they differ from Jewish or Muslim Holy site like the Temple Mount and the Dome of the Rock.  During the Crusades, Christians felt it necessary to kill and control the Holy Land, and to this day Christians control most of our own Holy Sites.  What would happen if some government or people took control of these sites for their own usage?  Would Christians be just as combative as the Muslim and Jewish people are to one another over their holy sites.

Something to think about.


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