This comes to us via a member in Washington State and is the story of a youth whose life would be impacted by the passage of the DREAM Act.

Check back daily to see if we’ve updated with  stories from people all around the country.

Peter is a young Mexican man. Though Mexican by birth, he does not have any memory of Mexico and has very little comprehension of Spanish.  A graduate of a high school in South King County, Washington (about eight miles south of downtown Seattle), he has hopes and DREAMS of completing college.

Peter had not given the whole immigration debate much thought – he did not think of himself as an immigrant, and his peers in school and others who have met him would not identify him as such.  Peter is among the numerous young people in the United States who were brought here to the U.S. as very young children of economic refugees.

He now is running into blocks: his high school friends have gone on to college on scholarships and financial aid, but for Peter this is not a possibility. Peter’s local school principal has watched this “shining star” go through school as a strong academic and a student leader.  The DREAM Act would really be a dream come true for Peter and others like him.

We have a choice in this country to give undocumented young people a chance.  We have invested years and money in nurturing them and teaching them the history of the United States, Civics, the sciences, arts and many other areas.  Their expertise can enrich our economy and competitiveness in the global market.

Will we help pass the DREAM Act and connect these youth to the future of America? Or will we lose their gifts and skills to hopelessness and despair? Click here to take action.


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