Four Brothers’ DREAM

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From a member in Washington…

Raised in the United States, Marco, Juan, Julian and Eric are four brothers, four high school graduates, and four very gifted artists.  These young men are indigenous Latin Americans who were brought to the United States by their parents (also artists) before they entered elementary school   Juan and Julian are twins.

These young men are incredibly gifted: one is a carver, two are artists, producing profound Native drawings, all four are musicians and traditional dancers.  It is the dream of one to be able to enter the Seattle Art Institute.  The DREAM act will make this a possibility.

Since high school graduation Juan and Julian have used their time teaching others Native traditions (music and dance); along with their father, they are teaching music to younger children.  The Church has come alive on Monday and Tuesday nights as youth and children flock into the building to learn.

Marco, Juan, Julian and Eric are very connected to their indigenous roots which connect them profoundly with indigenous people of Washington State – they have opened doors to sharing cultural traditions with local Native groups.

The four brothers are pretty much native English speakers: they have grown up here, and the Mexican culture they know is one that is integrated with US Culture.  They all have wonderful futures if they can benefit from the DREAM Act.

It is my hope and prayer that these young men will be part of my life for many years to come.  They are among the many thousands of young people who have gifts, skills and talents to move the United States forward.  We cannot morally cut off children that we have spent so much time raising as a community, and we simply cannot waste the talent they will bring as adult members of their communities when they no longer have to worry about slipping into the shadow of the undocumented.


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