Peacemaking begins at home

Guest blog from Action Commissioner, Francesca Wigle:

Three Franciscan Orders, One Family

The Joint Commission on Franciscan Unity met at St. Edward’s University in Austin, Texas this September.  Joan Verret and Masud Syedullah represented the Third Order, Society of St. Francis (Episcopal). Anne Mulqueen and Ed Shirley represented the Secular Franciscan Order (Catholic), and Ione Parsons represented the Order of Ecumenical Franciscans.

Members of SFO, TSSF, and OEF  in the Austin area were invited to a potluck dinner the last evening of the meeting. It was a wonderful meeting of the family. We shared about our calls as Franciscans and about some of the things we hoped to join together to do in the future. The members of the Joint Commission on Franciscan Unity were very excited about their role in bringing us all together.

Francesca Wigle shared some ideas from the Franciscan Action Network, where we all work together in the spirit of St. Francis. She also shared that Chris Hickman, SFO, would like her to join him in launching an internet university for online classes for all Franciscans.  More information will be available as the project proceeds!

Several of us from SFO and TSSF gathered together to share a transitus service in Austin on the eve of the Feast of St. Francis. What a joy to bring the family together!


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