Blog Action Day for Sister Water

St. Francis’s life witnessed profound reverence and respect for the gift of water. One story recalls Francis washing his hands in a secluded area so that no one would trample the water as it returned to the earth. In his Canticle of the Creatures, Francis described Sister Water as “useful, humble, precious, and pure.”

Many Franciscan communities around the world, including members of the Franciscan Action Network (FAN), have taken a strong stance on protecting water from commodification and advancing the human right to clean water and sanitation. FAN supported U.N. recognition of this right in July 2010.

In the DVD that accompanies FAN’s new C4C: Franciscan Care for Creation program, Prof. Rob Breen, SFO explains how communities can address issues of toxic waste in water systems; Sr. Joan Brown, OSF shares what she has learned from working on water issues with indigenous groups; and Sr. Caryn Crook, OSF speaks about her experience restoring wetlands, which replenish groundwater.

FAN Action Commissioner Francesca Wigle, TSSF is participating in a class on Great Waters: The Atlantic Passage, by Deborah Cramer, a book which reveals wonders of water. Through the Servant Leadership School at St. Hildegard’s Community in Austin, TX, this class is growing more aware of the ways that water sustains life.

Today and every day, let us live out our gratitude for the gift of Sister Water and extend this gift to others.


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