Journey to the Holy Land – Day 10

November 2, 2010

Election day in the United States.  No political statement from this author except to say that I imagine you are all relieved that you will now have a much needed respite from the unending TV and radio political ads.  I, for one, was so grateful to be able to vote by absentee ballot and then leave the country and the media blitz behind.  I do wonder if the candidates have any understanding that inundating the voters with political advertising is more likely to keep voters away from the polls than to encourage them to vote.  I remember feeling the same way the last time elections rolled around—I just couldn’t wait for it to be over.  Perhaps there should be a law that all advertising via media outlets must stop at least three days before an election.  I believe it would give people a chance to digest what they have heard and make a more informed decision.  Any thoughts on this?  I know…I know…the free speech thing but it is just an idea.  Perhaps some savvy candidate might think about it and ‘advertise’ that she/he will NOT advertise for the last three days.  Hmmmm…

When I write about a topic in my blog, I try to do a comparison between this country and the U.S. but I have decided that there is NO comparison with the American political system! It is ‘one of a kind’ and I don’t mean that in a positive way. 

On the other hand, if you are reading this blog as I post it, you still have 8 ½ hours (if you live in the East) to get to the polls so go already and exercise your right…and if you are a woman, it was a hard fought battle that won us this right, so honor our ‘sisters’ who fought that battle and VOTE!

I was contemplating about the fact that I will miss the end of daylight savings time this coming weekend and that next week there will be a seven-hour time difference between the U.S. and Palestine instead of the six hours that there is today.  I was curious as to why the time difference is not the same so off to Google I went to get an answer.  Is there anywhere else to seek information?  

It seems that the country of Israel (so Palestine as well) ended daylight savings time on September 12 which I thought was a bit early to ‘change from summer to winter.’  Delving further into the subject, I found out that the Orthodox Jews, who comprise a minority of the population in Israel, forced a law to be enacted in 2005 that DST must end prior to their high holy day of Yom Kippur which occurred on September 17 this year.  The religious community convinced the governing body that the change would ease their required fast but the majority of Israelis, 20,000 of whom signed an on-line petition this year to boycott the early DST time change, state that the reason is ridiculous since the fasting lasts for 25 hours no matter how many of those hours are during daylight.     

The petition organizers contend that ending DST early increases the likelihood of motor-vehicle accidents due to the increase in time spent driving during hours of darkness and costs the Israeli economy millions of shekels. 

In the meantime, on Sunday, November 7, I must remember to set my U.S. timepiece back one hour.  At that time, my workday here really will almost end before yours begins.  Does that mean I will get to relax more than you do?

There is much joy in the office today!  First of all, the new elevator passed inspection!  YEAH!  Secondly, and more importantly, one of the staff members who had applied for a U.S. Visa got word that it was approved.  Today is quite different from the news last Thursday on this topic.  That was the day he was supposed to fly to the U.S. with his wife to attend the International Conference I mentioned in my blog yesterday.  However, the U.S. did not issue the Visa and he had to cancel their reservations.  Not to be daunted by this set back, he continued to try to get his application processed but with little confidence that he would be successful. Originally, he was told it would need more administrative processing which takes time. The reason for additional processing time, he was told, was because he had never applied for a Visa before and because he is too young—32 is too young for what?  At any rate, the news is good and we hold on to the positive.  He and his wife were able to rebook their flight and will arrive in the U.S. on the day of the conference.  I wish him luck staying awake!

I think about all of you every day and hold you in my prayers in this sacred land.  Rest well and may tomorrow bring you a calming and stress-free day.

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