Journey to the Holy Land – Day 17

November 9, 2010

I must say that I was a bit distraught and confused when I was typing my entry for November 8.  For all you computer whizzes, I’m sure you are aware that when you begin to type a date in a Word document, the computer thinks it is smarter than you are and pops up with the rest of the date including the month, day and year.  Well, I’m typing Nov…and up pops November 9, 2010.  Well, I just sat there and stared at it dumbfounded because I must have entered a time warp or something!  I was positive that it was Monday, November 8.  Oh, Lord, I said…I’ve lost a day and “can’t tell where to find it!”  I was so uncertain of what reality was at that point that I did what any rational, normal human being would do—I googled 2010 calendar.  Now, it gets even freakier (is that a word?).  I moved quickly through the months until I arrived at November.  Can you imagine my surprise when Nov. 9 was highlighted with a box around it?  A two-way argument commences between the right side (random, intuitive) and the left side (logical, rational) parts of my brain. 

Right side:  Hey, who cares what day it is? 

Left side:  It MUST be Monday, November 8—the seniors were here today and they come on Monday! 

Right side:  When did seniors ever know what day it is?

Left side:  I went to church yesterday so that was Sunday.  The seniors were here today so this is Monday.  Therefore, today is Monday, November 8! 

Right side:  Dum dee dum dee dum.  

Left side:  And the computer is WRONG!  

So I’m sure it was November 8 yesterday…really, I am!  Alright, just to be ABSOLUTELY sure, I moseyed on over to the wall calendar for verification (left brain-rational).  OMG!  The calendar is backwards!  I mean Sunday starts on the right side and the days go left from there ending with Saturday on the far left.  What was that caterpillar smoking?  Oh right—logical LB kicks in and reminds me that the Arabic language is written right to left.  And you know that our numbering system in the U.S. uses Arabic numbers, right?  So how come the Arabs use different number symbols in their system than the ones we “copied?”  My brain hurts! 

One more little story from November 8 before we move on.

The mystery of the message in the “key” continues.  I have heard that if we don’t pay attention to God speaking to us during our waking hours that the wake up call just might show up as a nightmare.

Last night I arrived at my temporary place of residence at about 8:30 p.m.  The entrance door was closed and locked—not at all unusual at that time of night—so I inserted my key in the lock and it would not turn!  I tried several times including pulling on the door while trying to turn it but nada—the lock was not going to budge.  This left me with two choices.  I could ring the doorbell or call Karmen and explain the predicament.  I decided to try the bell first and in less than 30 seconds the Associate Priest opened the door.  As I began to explain that my key wouldn’t work he interrupted me with a profuse apology because he had left his key in the lock on the other side of the door thus preventing my key from working.

Sound familiar?  If not, you didn’t read my earlier blogs so put those spectacles on and start reading—“in the beginning…”  In the meantime…reflect…reflect…reflect…nightmares are not welcome!

Let’s move on to the REAL November 9.

I thought today would not bring much of interest to write about but I was wrong.  I went to the Center early as I could work by myself without interruptions on the paper for a project proposal and revisions to the brochure.  I needed to catch the public transportation to Ramallah at 11:30.  I was making great progress when a friend stopped in for a coffee break which was a welcome respite.  As luck would have it, my friend was going to Ramallah so offered to come back at noon to give me a ride.

I was meeting the Center’s director for lunch so we could review the project proposal.  I was to meet her at the Best Eastern Hotel.  That name just tickled my funny bone since the U.S. has Best Western Hotels.  It’s likely there is an association since Americans are considered as living in the western part of the world and obviously this neck o’ the woods is eastern.

Sulimah and I went to the Pesto Café and enjoyed a delicious lunch. It was the first time that I had an all vegetarian antipasti salad. It had nice size pieces of yellow and green peppers, sweet potatoes and eggplant lightly grilled with garlic over a bed of lettuce and tomatoes.  A side of freshly grated parmesan cheese and a side of pesto sauce completed this culinary delight.  What a wonderful treat!

We worked through my first draft of the project proposal and then went on a brief tour of Ramallah.  I was amazed to see a traffic light and had to take a picture.  Sulimah told me they have lots of traffic lights and they have been around for several years.  Then she remarked it is a good thing because she has been in three car accidents and broke three ribs in one of them.

We stopped at the Ramallah Cultural Center which has a large auditorium and exhibition area.  Workers were preparing the space for a memorial ceremony for Yasser Arafat.  There was an interesting mural that covered an entire wall and looked like the full profile of a man lying face up on his back.  Closer observation showed that it is depicting the apartheid Wall that is slowly creeping its way to a point of completely separating Palestine from Israel.  It is just very sad.

Ramallah is the headquarters for the Palestinian Authority, the governing body for Palestine.  I saw many government agency buildings as well as the office buildings for representatives from other countries—they are not called embassies because Palestine is not recognized as an independent nation.  Let’s hope sometime soon they will win the freedom that we Americans so take for granted.

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