Journey to the Holy Land – Day 19

November 11, 2010

Veteran’s Day remembrances and prayers have been noted on Facebook today by so many people.  That is one advantage of an electronic social network.  You can get your message out to many people in an easy and efficient manner. 

Every single day that I am here in Palestine, I am thankful for what I have by living in the United States.  We may not always agree with our government’s policies which send our men and women into conflicts but it doesn’t mean we care any less for the duty that our Armed Forces have agreed to perform so that our freedom is secure.

I try to imagine myself living in the U.S. in a similar situation to the Palestinians.  It perhaps could be visualized by seeing the border of CT with Massachusetts and New York being closed off by a 20 foot high concrete wall with no means of exit except through military checkpoints or through Rhode Island.  (Equate RI with Jordan.)  As residents of CT we would be restricted to air travel only from RI and not allowed to fly out of NY or Boston. (Equate with Tel Aviv in Israel).  If family members lived outside of the state in either NY or MA, you would have to apply for a special permit to visit them which might only be good for a few hours or one day. Access to specialized medical care in either of those States would be severely limited or impossible to get. 

Then imagine the governments of NY and MA coming into CT and confiscating land to build housing for the residents of those states—let’s think of this building taking place in prime locations along the shore.  (Equate this situation to Israelis building “settlements” on Palestinian land based on the borders established in 1967.)

Now imagine how long you would live in such a situation without rebelling?  One year, five years, ten years, 62 years?  Would you anticipate that other States would come to your rescue and stand up for your rights as human beings to adequate water, utilities, roads, housing?  (Equate to the International Community)  What if they were your only hope…and they did not come?  Or what if the other States told NY and MA to cease and desist (an order given by a government administrative agency or the courts to stop any suspicious or illegal activities) the treatment of the CT natives but their words were ignored?  What then?

Veteran’s Day has brought all of these thoughts and emotions to the forefront for me.  I am grateful for what I have as an American citizen but in good conscience how long can I ignore my government’s policies that, through silence or monetary support, contribute to the oppression?  How long before a just peace will be a reality for the Palestinians?

I wish you a restful night.  I think the dogs have followed me back to Bethlehem and right on cue at 7 p.m. the barking has begun.  Ambien, where are you?

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