Journey to the Holy Land – Day 22

November 14, 2010

I spent most of the day working on uploading photo albums to the internet.  It takes quite a while to review the blog from each day and then to match pictures to the information.  I managed to do quite well until I hit October 31—do you think Halloween might have something to do with my problems?  I tried to upload the pictures two times but neither time worked.  The best alternative I could think of was to take a break.

Do you remember how I stated very clearly yesterday that information from three sources is better than from two sources?  Well, I was obviously wrong.  I should have sought a 4th opinion.

As it was almost 2:30 p.m. I put on my nice duds and headed up the street for the 3 p.m. ENGLISH Mass in the chapel of St. Jerome.  Following me, here?  I arrived 15 minutes ahead of time and waited for the Spanish pilgrim group to leave the area and then headed down the stairs.  There was no one about and I saw folding chairs set up in one chapel so I assumed that is where Mass would be.  But then I heard the pitter patter of BIG feet in a different cave so went in search of the source.

I found a group of people who were taking the folding chairs and setting them up around the altar.  I asked the man closest to me if this was the English Mass and he said no, it’s German!  Oh brother.  Well, as I didn’t see any other activity in the area, I asked him if I could join his group of 19 pilgrims and 3 priests for the Mass.  He was obviously the tour guide.  He said “yes” but confirmed it with someone from the group.

I can truly be called an international Catholic now as I have participated in four Masses since I arrived and two were in Arabic, one was in Italian and one in German.  After Mass, I noticed that the gate was closed to keep pilgrims from coming down during the liturgy so waited until the group was ready to leave.  I heard some words coming from the other chapel and when I tried to listen outside the entrance, there was another liturgy being celebrated but also not in English.  I could not identify the language but it might have been Polish.

My new German friends continued to mill around but I saw the three priests head for the stairs so I followed them up through the gate.  There was a chain across the top of the stairs and as I exited I reattached it.  There were lots of pilgrims waiting to go down and were not happy with me when I put the chain back on but I just said it was still closed and then bolted.

I realized as I examined my photos this afternoon that there was a void of certain pictures that I should be posting.  I was set to get them taken after Mass in the Manger Square area.

I took one picture inside St Catherine and then the darn red light started flashing, and I knew the battery had finally given up.  I am now regretting not bringing the battery charger with me.  Mind you, I made that decision consciously because I brought extra double AA batteries with me.  I replaced the batteries and WALA!  NOTHING!!  I did the only thing that any reasonable person would do and removed the batteries, reinserting them the opposite way of how I was interpreting the little diagram with the + and – on it.  You know they always position them as if you were going to be standing on your head while replacing the batteries!  The camera appeared to be DEAD.

Off I went at a fast trot to find my friend Alan, one of the tourist vendors, to ask him where I could get some more batteries because the two I tried MUST be no good.  Before I reached Alan’s booth I saw a pharmacy so popped in to ask where I could buy batteries.  The nice young man said “come with me” and then he pointed right across the street and told the owner what I was looking for.  Mind you, ‘across the street’ was like a whole 25 feet but I didn’t see any signage to indicate what kind of a shop it was so would have never located it on my own.  I said shukran (thank you) and continued on my quest.  I first asked if they had a lithium battery but no such luck—not surprising.  So he got out two double AAs and I asked if I could please try them.  Still nothing so I gave up, returned his batteries and left totally dejected.  Whatever was I going to do for another week without a camera?

Back at the Guest House, I tried to continue to upload my photos on Facebook.  It just wouldn’t work so ‘when in doubt, reboot’ and figured it couldn’t hurt to try.  I think the computer hates me and I won’t bore you with all of the details of how I have tried to download etc., etc., etc. without success.

The only bright spot in this evening is that I decided to give the camera batteries one more chance to work.  I’m not kidding when I tell you there are two different diagrams that contradict each other on how to insert the batteries.  When I put them in the way the 2nd diagram showed, it worked.  YEAH!  I have my camera back.

Enjoy the rest of your day and evening and tomorrow I will be thinking about those of you who are in the work force when I get to sleep in!

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