FAN Staff Advocates to Protect Conscience

Image for Christy Elliott HHS LetterFAN staff member Christy Elliott submitted the following comments to HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius.

(Learn how you can take action on the USCCB website)

Dear Ms. Sebelius,

Peace to you in your service to our nation! Thank you for the public comment period on the proposed expansion of “preventive services” for women. I write to urge you to protect religious freedom and conscience and to discard the proposed rule which would require private health care plans nationwide to cover contraception, sterilization, and abortifacients as “preventive services” for women.

As you know from your Catholic heritage, Catholic teaching upholds the dignity of human life at every stage and opposes destructive interference in the life process. Persons of other faith traditions share these values. Pregnancy is not a disease, and drugs or surgeries to prevent pregnancy or cause abortion should not be considered basic health care which the government requires all Americans to purchase.

This nation has recognized the right to religious freedom from our founding. Although access to health care is an important aspect of building a just society, freedom of religion is an even more fundamental human right. No federal law should require individuals or organizations to violate their religious or moral convictions. All individuals and organizations should be free to offer and use health care that is consistent with their conscience. Please do not undermine the legitimacy of the U.S. government by requiring individuals or organizations to choose between their conscience and health care coverage.

U.S. law has protected taxpayers from funding abortion; please maintain freedom of conscience in this area by removing sterilization and prescription contraceptives from “preventive services” for women and by excluding any drug that may cause an abortion.

Thank you for your consideration. I pray that your own conscience will guide you to protect the consciences of your fellow citizens.

Christy Elliott
Meriden, CT

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