Marking the Anniversary of Citizens United (Part II)

Read Part I from Rhett Engelking, SFO

Fellow Secular Franciscan Art Montgomery shares the following message addressed to legislators. Art shares, “While a group action (e.g. the golden calf demonstration) may occur we wanted to identify other ways to start the process. As citizens we can write a letter to the editor and/or letters to our elected representatives. As members of our respective parishes we can take the issue to the human concerns committee and parish council.”

Dear Legislator,

I urge and implore you to resist and fight the bastardization of the American democratic process. Two years ago, the U.S. Supreme Court reasserted the personhood and 14th amendment protection of corporations by rescinding efforts to deny unlimited campaign contributions to candidates.

I must state clearly that I am absolutely not anti-corporation. I support strongly a private, free market economy. However, this ruling has enabled corporations to exert an overwhelming influence on elected officials and candidates. If you, my elected official, are not with the corporate position then you will face having the power their dollars buy – media and logistics – used to support those who would run against you. That the voice of their “corporate personhood” trumpets thunderously to my single voice/single vote is not the American democracy of our forefathers, and I fear will lead to the complete marginalization of what has made this country great – the people.

What do I want of you? I want you to begin fighting for American democracy by strategizing how to eliminate the ability of corporations to hold the position of “person”. As their corporate person status has been deemed constitutional, it may well mean the creation of an amendment to our Constitution. This will require actions that span the range of grassroots efforts of people like me, to the support and advocacy of those in elected office – locally and nationally. Will you join this effort?

Respectfully yours,
Art P. Montgomery, SFO

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