Reflections from a New Green Faith Fellow

Greenfaith logoFor the second year, FAN partners with GreenFaith to offer partial tuition scholarships for the GreenFaith Certification Program, a two-year environmental leadership program for houses of worship, and Fellowship Program, a unique interfaith environmental education and training program for leaders and members of diverse religious communities nationwide. Current GreenFaith Fellow and FAN member Linda Watkins TSSF shares a reflection on her initial experience:

Linda Watkins TSSFI am pleased and honored to be part of the 2012-2013 class of the Green Faith Fellowship program. I had come across information about the program several years ago, and this year it finally made sense to go ahead. My sense is that being part of this program is an important step in my journey as a Christian and as a Franciscan.

Some of my first experiences of being close to God came while I was walking through the woods behind my house as a child in Upstate New York. It just seemed natural to me to see God at work in the tall dignity of the trees and the strength of the large glacial rocks. In the quiet, I could offer my deepest thoughts to God in prayer and find comfort in the powerful sense of God’s presence.

This sense has stayed with me throughout my adult life. In my 30s I discovered the Third Order Franciscans and to my great joy found a community with whom to fully share it. The Third Order has given me a focused way of prayer, study and active service with which to live out my Christian journey.

And it is a journey; a journey which so far has led me to a vocation as an Episcopal priest. At the midpoint of my active career, I feel that being part of the Green Faith fellowship program will give me a fresh sense of God’s call. My passions are preaching and writing and I would like nothing more than to be able to use them in God’s service to advocate for Dignity and Justice for all people and for all of God’s Creation.

What I am already discovering about the Fellowship program is that I am now a part of a wonderful community of Religious Leaders from a wide variety of Faith traditions. We are united in that in our unique ways, we are following a call to give voices to our understanding that we are all called to be good Stewards of Creation. I am already benefiting from their wisdom and energized by their sharing of their work. I have begun, through FAN, to network with other Franciscans to see how our voices may be raised on the issue of Climate Change.

The readings and the webinars that Green Faith provides are informative and balanced so that over time I expect to gain confidence in speaking and writing about Environmental issues and working with other Religious leaders in articulating the role that Faith plays in how we make use of the earth’s resources.

Our first of three Fellowship retreats will take place next month and I am excited about meeting members of our class in person. The theme of the retreat will be very practical – how to be “green” in our use of our buildings and material resources. I am very much looking forward to being able to share this information with my parish and other parishes in my Diocese.

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