Pope Francis is a Baaad Man!

Blog post by: Marvin Adams (Pictured here) a parishioner of St. Anthony’s Parish in Washington DC. Marvin’s views do not necessarily reflect those of the Franciscan Action Network.

Marvin Adams

Former heavyweight champion and boxing great, Muhammad Ali, aka Cassius Clay, was renowned for his many one-liners. How can we ever forget: “Float like a butterfly and sting like a bee” or “I am the greatest”? But the one that readily comes to mind, especially with regard to Pope Francis is this: “I’m a baaad man.” Even though Ali gave us this quote over 50 years ago, it is most relevant today because it is my unbiased opinion that Pope Francis is indeed “A Baaad Man!”

How else can you account for the manner in which he has galvanized not only the Catholic Church but seemingly has captured the attention of the entire world? From the very first moment he was elevated to the Papacy he has reinvigorated the hopes and desires of many of the faithful Catholics, many of whom have left the Church for myriad reasons. His decision to forgo the opulence of the Papal Residency to live instead in a quaint little apartment, while simultaneously being transported about in a Ford as opposed to limousines has endeared many to him, both Catholics and non-Catholics alike.

Recently, when queried about the subject of homosexuality, Francis gave us this one for the ages: “Who am I to judge?” Similarly, when discussing capitalism, Francis stated unequivocally, “unbridled capitalism is a new tyranny.” It is universally known that the Catholic Church, as an institution, is one of the most well-endowed in the world. Popes, at least those prior to Francis, have historically lived, to put it rather bluntly, like kings. The fact that Francis saw the necessity to immediately address this speaks volumes about both his character and conviction.

In the 1960s, Ali took on the might of the United States government when he refused to be drafted into the military. It was because of this stance that he was summarily stripped of his championship and subsequently imprisoned. Similarly, Pope Francis, within the past two weeks had the temerity, the audacity, the unmitigated gall to confront the Mafia and declare emphatically that their actions were not consistent with the teaching of Jesus Christ or the Church. Ergo, “You are excommunicated!” My response to Francis pronouncement – W-O-W!

I respectfully suggest that we all continue to support and pray for him because unlike like others, Francis is not only talking the talk, but is also walking the walk. And because of that, I might add Pope Francis is indeed “A baaad Man!”

Pope Francis, please proceed!

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