Pope Francis at the Corner of 4th and Walnut

Daily Theology

By Gregory Hillis

Eleven days after Angelo Giuseppe Roncalli was elected as Pope John XXIII, Thomas Merton wrote the following words in his journal:

“John XXIII seems to me to be a most wonderful Pope and I love him already very much – he is a kind of simple person with a lot of good sense and all of a sudden he seems to me, for this, for his simplicity, to be a great man and I cannot help feeling right away that perhaps he is a saint.  My kind of saint – who smokes a cigarette after dinner.”   –November 8, 1958 (1)

John XXIII Stole Pope John XXIII’s stole. Used with permission of the Merton Legacy Trust.

On Palm Sunday 1960, a friend of Pope John XXIII, Lorenzo Barbato, visited Thomas Merton bearing a gift from the Holy Father – a stole blessed and worn by the pope.  We don’t know…

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