“Make Straight His Paths”

Advent Reflection by Sr. Maryann Mueller, FAN Board Member
Originally published in our weekly newsletter Dec. 1, 2014

Our readings this Second Sunday of Advent call us to reflect on how we “proclaim peace to his people.” (PS 85:9) How do we “herald the good news” (Is 40:9) of Advent, encourage hope amidst the violence in our world and do all we can to transform the cultural traditions and the structural policies that strip the dignity of so many people throughout our nation and our world? What is your unique way to be the John the Baptist of today, to “prepare the way of the Lord and make straight his paths” (Mk: 1:3) for others?


Many of us have heard new immigrants attest to how their faith sustained and comforted them while they made the decision to leave the land of their birth, as they experienced the separation of family and as they faced the sometimes hateful unwelcome of citizens (Christians?) in their new homeland. Many modern John the Baptist’s help “make straight the paths” of the long road that eventually enables human trafficking victims to become survivors. There is a School for Exceptional Children, for individuals with special needs, on the grounds where I live and work. I often listen to their cheerful chatter as they walk outside and I thank God for their witness of “heralding the good news” of God’s pure joy, simplicity and goodness.


Nicholas Kristof and Sheryl WuDunn take the title of their new book A Path Appears, Transforming Lives, Creating Opportunity from Lu Xun, a twentieth century Chinese essayist: “Hope is like a path in the countryside. Originally, there is nothing – but as people walk this way again and again, a path appears.” Every kind word in response to unkindness, every prayer for those who act with violence, every action we take that respects people and the Earth helps create the path of hope. Every e-mail to a legislator, every petition we sign or call we make to our legislators helps create the path to the just, nonviolent and peaceful world that as Christians we call the “Kingdom of God.” God is calling each of us to “prepare the way of the Lord” this Advent 2014. How are you creating the path?


Peace and all Good

Sr. Maryann Mueller

FAN Board of Directors
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