“Praised be You, my Lord, through all your creatures…”

The following is sent to us by Sr. Caryn Crook, OSF, a Franciscan sister from Syracuse, NY where she has worked hard to advocate caring for all creation.

Sr. Caryn Crook, OSF

“Praised be You, my Lord, through all your creatures…”

This quote from St. Francis of Assisi, found in his Canticle of Creatures, fills my heart, mind and soul today as I celebrate Governor Andrew Cuomo’s decision to ban High Volume Hydrologic Fracturing (fracking), in New York State. Today, many people of New York rejoice as their voices were heard and their health and well being were deemed worthy of protection over short term economic gains. As I celebrate I think of those who are not happy with this decision. Those who were depending on the added income that fracking would generate. I celebrate with the earth that the sanctity of all life is affirmed.


People from all over New York State stood up for protecting water, air, land and property rights. They banded together to form non- profits to educate the public on the effects fracking have on human health and the environment. Their voices were heard above the voices of industry, struggling municipalities, and economists. It truly is a day to celebrate.


I also hold in my heart, those who were counting on the added income to keep their family farms. Many farmers were looking for the added income just to stay in business. Some small businesses were also relying on the added revenue to stay afloat. They do not celebrate but fret about what tomorrow will bring. May Governor Cuomo address the issues in New York State that may assist businesses and family farms in this position?


As with all issues, they are never as simple as they seem.   Fracking shows us how interconnected creation is. Geologists, economists, ecologists, hydrologists, biologists, attorneys, and health professionals all weighed in on the issue. Even Oil production in the Middle East and foreign policy has a role in the viability of fracking. Truly, creation is an interconnected web of relationships.


Today the winner is Mother Earth, who does indeed sustain and govern us. Banning fracking gives credence to the importance of balanced ecosystems and their connection with social justice. For when Mother Earth is harmed, we harm ourselves and mostly we harm those who have no ability to move from contaminated water wells and land. Banning fracking in New York State is a pro-life decision.   May New York State continue to uphold the rights of all peoples to clean air, clean water, healthy land and healthy bodies?

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  1. Dear Sister
    With all due respect your posting must be responded to. Your statement ” I celebrate with the earth that the sanctity of all life is affirmed.” by Cuomo’s decision not to pursue fracking simply cannot be supported by the scientific evidence. The instances when ground water wells have been contaminated are mostly due to errors in technique of he individual contractors not the basic technique of fracking. Also, by conflating abortion (Pro-Life) with a natural resource extraction technique a logical inconsistency is evident. Also, another point should be made: Earth is not our mother. It might share in a relationship with us in that we were both created by God, but earth did not create us. This concept of Mother Earth brings us close to the pagan Gaia proposition, which for that reason should be avoided.
    When done properly, Fracking is a safe and effective technology for oil extraction.
    Best wishes for a Merry Christmas Sister Caryn

    David Joseph Weir, OSF
    Seven Dolors of the Blessed Virgin Mary
    Nashville, Tn

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