“For the world in its present form is passing away.”

Reflection by FAN Executive Director, Patrick Carolan
This reflection was originally published in our January 19th newsletter
Sometimes when I reflect on the Sunday readings there are so many beautiful messages that I have a difficult time focusing on any of them. As I read and meditated on next Sunday’s readings one sentence stood out and kept coming back and back to me. From 1 Corinthians: “For the world in its present form is passing away.” One just needs to take a few moments to look around and you will know how true that is. If we look at our cycle of life whether it will be on an individual level, a small community or the entire universe we see the cycle of birth, death and resurrection. A bird flies overhead and drops a seed. From that seed a tree is born. After a period of time the tree dies. The wood from the tree is resurrected and a house is born. After a while the house deteriorates and dies but some of the wood is turned into a birdcage. Life is a constant stream of birth, death and resurrection.


Our world as we know it is in the death cycle. We can just look around and feel that. Last week we released a statement from a coalition that FAN was part of forming called the Global Catholic Climate Movement. The Global Catholic Climate Movement is a first-of-its-kind international coalition of Catholics from many nations, continents, and walks of life. We are laity, religious, and clergy, theologians, scientists, and activists from Argentina, the Philippines, the United Kingdom, Kenya, Australia, the United States, and many other nations. We meet every Tuesday via Skype. Ten years ago this could not have happened. We are not Americans or Kenyans. We are interconnected community united by our Catholic faith and our work in various roles and organizations on climate change issues.

“The world in its present form is passing away.” We are told many times in the Gospel that you cannot pour new wine into an old wineskin. The question we have to answer is: “Do we want to be part of the resurrection or part of the death?” What will our new world be like? Will it be as Jesus tells us “On Earth as it is in Heaven?” As the 13th century theologian and Franciscan St. Bonaventure tells us, how we choose and what we choose makes a difference – first in what we become by our choices and second in what the world becomes by our choices. Will we choose love or hate; will we choose interbeing or separation? And, will we choose our shared future over an unhealthy planet for our children and grandchildren? A spiritual reawakening is happening, I can feel it, I can sense it. The world in its present form is dying and a new world is being born, a world of oneness with God and all God’s creation. The world of separation, hatred, fear is passing away.

Patrick Carolan
FAN Executive Director

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