Justice for all Creation

Happy Earth Day!

The following selection is from the Weekly re:Cap, newsletter of the Capuchin Province of St. Joseph.

Annually, on April 22nd, we observe “Earth Day.” Our provincial mission commits us to “building peace by treating all creation fairly and promoting structural change for a more just order.” Concern for the environment, God’s gift of the created world, has become a significant social justice issue during the last 50 years.

vines as earth land masses


Since Paul VI, all popes have spoken out about environmental degradation. Pope Francis has declared he is writing an encyclical dedicated to the environmental crises, and he has been clear in reminding us that people of faith are called to be actively involved in promoting environmental justice.


“It’s Our Turn To Lead” is the theme for Earth Day 2015, calling on individuals, grassroots organizations, community groups to unite and to convey a common message to political leadership on the national and international level: we cannot wait any longer for substantial change in policies and programs and for new initiatives to reverse the growing problems of climate change and environmental degradation. Creation is a gift to all, and we all have the responsibility to protect this gift.


Environmental problems can no longer be separated from issues of health, workers’ rights, poverty, and human trafficking. Sustainable development that considers the long-term effects on people and the planet must out-rank economic development that is more concerned with immediate high profits for a few than for human flourishing for all, now and in the future.


It is the people’s time to lead and ensure that the world’s political leaders finally sign a significant, binding, global climate change treaty to stop and if possible, reverse the environmental degradation that is more and more visible around the world. It is time for citizens and organizations to divest from fossil fuel-driven production and fund renewable energy sources. It is time we ensure that all God’s children live in healthy and secure environments, as Pope Francis has declared.


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