Trust in the Lord Always

Reflection for the Fifteenth Sunday in Ordinary Time By FAN Staffer, Janine Walsh

This reflection was originally posted in our July 6th newsletter


As we settle in to Ordinary Time in our liturgical year, this week’s readings offer a solid theme: Trust in God. In the First Reading, Amos writes how he was chosen by God when he was told, “Off with you, visionary…earn your bread by prophesying.” I find myself immediately identifying with Amos when he retaliates, “I was no prophet… I was a shepherd.” I tend to ask God, “Why do you trust me? What do I know?” Yet this is an undeniable message.


In the second reading, I find answers to my questions. St. Paul tells us that Christ “chose us” and further inspires our destiny to prophesy by expanding and laying the answer out in front of us. “In him we have redemption by his blood, the forgiveness of transgressions” as well as the “riches of his grace.” All this was bestowed “as a plan for the fullness of times.” How clear can it get? We are chosen by God to be his voice in our lifetime. Trust in his plan.


Finally, in the Gospel, Jesus sends out the Apostles in a very Franciscan way. He tells them to travel simply, stay where they are welcomed and leave those towns that do not accept them. No planned route, no food during the journey. This is not the 21st century way to travel. So, we are left again with the unnerving instruction to trust in God.


Trust is defined by Google as “firm belief in the reliability, truth, ability, or strength of someone or something.” Think of someone you trust. At the same time, did you also remember a time when that person let you down? In our human frailty, we often find it difficult to trust even our closest friends and family. God is asking us to do the impossible, right? Wrong. God is not asking us to do anything. He is telling each of us we are called by name, he knows our hearts, and he knows our strength. Even though it’s easier to deny it, all we need to do is accept God’s hand and take a leap of faith.


Janine Walsh

FAN Communications Coordinator
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