The Cry of the Pope: Taking Action after “Laudato Si”

Sr. Sharon Havelack at Lourdes University.

Sr. Sharon Havelack introduces the encyclical information session at Lourdes University.

By: Jason Miller

Last week I had the pleasure along with about twenty five other folks an informative session on Laudato Si held at Lourdes University and hosted by the Franciscan Sisters of Sylvania, Ohio. We’ve been talking about the encyclical for weeks here at the FAN office, and I was excited to head back to my hometown and talk to everyday Catholics about not only the papal document, but also what people are doing everyday in their lives now that the Pope has called on all of us to act.

I was told a similar event just a few days later at Lourdes drew 10x the amount of participants. That’s good news because unfortunately we have our work cut out for us: according to a new poll done by Yale University, only 40% of Catholics know about the encyclical and less than a quarter  have heard about it at Mass.

Sr. Geraldine Nowak at the Laudato Si event.

Sr. Geraldine Nowak offers a prayer at the Laudato Si event.

The Sylvania Franciscans were nice enough to invite both local Catholic Congresspersons, Rep. Bob Latta and Rep. Marcy Kaptur to the session, but neither attended. Even though neither came, I’m glad that in Laudato Si, the Pope says we need everyone to participate in caring for our common home. As we are all interconnected with the earth and one another, it’s time for each of us to take the next step: if we already recycle, we should compost, if we already compost, we should use our car less, and if we’re a lawmaker, we should pass meaningful legislation that will cut our carbon emissions. This includes supporting a meaningful legislation at the U.N. climate talks later this year.

I’m glad that the Pope has called attention to the importance of caring for the earth as we are just lending it from future generations. However, it is time that all of us, lawmakers included act. I continue to hope and pray that our elected officials get the message that the Pope is telling each and every one of us.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to go start a compost pile.

Jason Miller is FAN’s Director of Campaigns and Development.

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