Paris Update from December 7, 2015

As part of the Franciscan Family in Paris, Franciscan Action Network is proud to bring you blog postings from some of our delegates. These blogs will be written each day by a different delegate on the ground in Paris, attending #COP21 meetings, side events and the Franciscan Delegation Meetings.

The following reflection is by Pat McMahon, OSF.

Pat McMahon, OSF

Pat McMahon, OSF

Yesterday we spent time at the Civil Society’s events – an outdoor festival with a number of interactive opportunities and a feeling of high energy. Today we went to the official visitors’ center, which was inside and had a much more subdued atmosphere.


However, we each found opportunities to learn from others and to share our values. Several of us attended sessions which were presented by the indigenous peoples coalition. We heard them speak about working on community land rights and the role of women in climate justice. Others heard presentations from those who work in business, those who are trying to create volunteer networks and how young people are growing in their concerns for climate justice.


In the evening Rodrigo Peret and Moema Miranda presented on the work that they have been doing on the mining project which was an outcome of the Franciscan presence at Rio +20 and to support the work of the JPIC promoters in Rome.

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