Bridge to Ordinary Time

Reflection on the Baptism of the Lord by Sr. Marie Lucey, FAN Director of Advocacy and Member Relations
This reflection was originally posted in our January 4th newsletter

With some regret we have taken down the Christmas lights, packed away the ornaments, and are already into 2016 with all its challenges and hopes. The feast of the Baptism of Jesus closes the Christmas Season and opens the door to Ordinary Time, “ordinary” only because it is a time between two significant liturgical seasons, Christmas and Lent/Easter. Somehow, “ordinary” sounds like most of our lives, moving along with its joys and sadness, delight and disappointments, hopes and fears, but without great drama. Let’s remember that Jesus spent most of his life in “ordinary time.”
The last we read about Jesus in the Gospel of Luke he was lost and found in the Temple, then returned to Nazareth with his parents. He was twelve years old. Now he reappears at age thirty being baptized by John in the Jordan. We know nothing about those 18 years when Jesus grew into adolescence and adulthood. We do know that at his baptism, a voice from heaven said: “You are my beloved Son; with you I am well pleased.” God affirms the way Jesus matured in wisdom and grace during those 18 ordinary years. Now he is ready to begin his mission.

Most of us (I won’t presume to say “all”) have not had visitations from an angel or heard a voice from heaven; yet I sometimes breathe a “thank you” to my angel for protecting me from a maniac on the highway or from a stupid decision, and we do need to hear God saying to us, “In you I am well pleased.” So bring on Ordinary Time. We ordinary/extraordinary women and men welcome another year, another opportunity to continue the mission of Jesus to bring some light, some hope, some peace with justice into God’s most extraordinary world.

Sr. Marie Lucey
FAN Director of Advocacy and Member Relations

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