June Monthly Reflection on the Protection of Children

Sister Michele Morek, OSU posted a blog on the US Catholic Sisters Against Human Trafficking page, re-posted below. It is a lovely reflection on protecting children. Did you know, in June there are two international days for Children? Find out when they are and how you can participate in them.


The care for children is literally in our DNA. The physical features/characteristics of a baby (or a kitten, or a puppy), like a proportionally large head, large eyes, or a toddling gait, are designed to turn on “care-giving” behavior in us and in many other mammals. In some groups of social animals like wolves or great apes, the appearance of a new baby in the group is the occasion for great interest and excitement. This is not surprising…probably the (biologically) most important thing that a generation does is to raise the next generation.

That is just one reason that it’s so hard for us to understand the abuse of children. Read more…

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