Feast of the Portiuncula–St. Francis’ “Little Portion”

August 2nd is the Feast of the Portiuncula.

The following is a blog post from Sr. Ann Marie Slavin, OSF of FAN members the Sisters of St. Francis of Philadelphia which explains the day.


The Portiuncula Chapel, Santa Maria delgi Angeli, Assisi. Image via Wikipedia

Today is a feast day special to all Franciscans–the Feast of the Portiuncula. St. Francis seemed to have a special attraction to old churches–particularly ones that were falling to ruin. When was struggling to determine what it was he was to do with his life, he prayed in the the little church of San Damiano. There he heard a voice saying to him, “Francis, rebuild my church which you see is falling into ruin.” Taking that injunction very literally, Francis set about rebuilding the the little church–stone by stone. He did the same with other abandoned churches in the area. One of those was the little church of St. Mary of the Angels. Francis called it… Read More

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