We Put Our Trust In the Power and Plan of God

Reflection for the Nativity of the Lord by Br. Paul Crawford, OFM, Cap., FAN Board Treasurer

This reflection was originally posted in our December 19th newsletter

For the past four Sundays we have been guided through the New and Old Testament to remember the promises of God to His People. We have listened to the cry of John the Baptist and the prophets and have been preparing ourselves for a direct intervention into our hearts and lives.

St. Francis looked to Christmas as a time to celebrate and also as a time to bring all together in celebration! God so loved the world that He sent his Son to be one of us so that through Him we may share Salvation!

In the midst of our celebration we must realize that it is not what we give as much as it is what we have received that is important.

“Happy Holidays” just doesn’t cut it when we think about welcoming the child who comes as Savior, to reconcile a world which seems to have little time for God. Welcoming the child challenges us to welcome all that He welcomes. We need to make room for all that God loves, including the unwanted, the marginalized, the burdensome, and the inconvenient. We must welcome the poor and the destitute, the stranger and the alienated, just as Christ has welcomed us.

A few years ago, I was blessed to be working in midtown Manhattan, with the hustle and bustle. A place of welcome to so many from all over the county and the world. Our community is still there trying to serve and welcome and offer a place of peace for prayer, reflection and welcome. But I have to be honest, at times there were disruptions and arguments that really put welcoming to the test. You never knew who would be walking in the doors of the office or what they would be looking for or seeking. We were a place for Saints and Sinners and all of us who are in between.

One day a young woman came into the office and was crying and upset. So I prepared myself and asked what can I do to help? She said that she was sorry to be so emotional but she knew that God wanted her to share her story with me.

She had come into the Church to pray and was distracted by two other visitors, who were talking and acting “different” than what she would expect someone to act in Church. So she decided to pray for them until they left. During her time of praying for them she thought and said in her prayer something about ‘look what the cat dragged in.’ After the pair left, she continued praying, then felt that God spoke to her and that was why she was crying. She heard God tell her that He also dragged her into Church in worse shape than those who disturbed her quiet time.

Let us all try to accept all that are a part of our lives as we go forth to celebrate the birth of Christ.  Continue to be kind and accepting of others especially within our families.

So, as we consider the circumstances of Christ’s birth, this is a perfect time to remember to pray for all women who are carrying children and the fathers of those children, particularly those who are fearful and challenged to provide for a family in these challenging times.

Br. Paul Crawford, OFM Cap.
FAN Board Member

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