“For to you I have entrusted my cause.”

Reflection for the 12th Sunday in Ordinary Time by FAN Board Secretary, Sr. Maryann Mueller, CSSF

This reflection was originally posted in our June 19th newsletter

hungryThe reflection title comes from this week’s first reading from Jeremiah, chapter 20.

Several weeks ago, while lobbying my Senators in Washington with the purpose of ensuring that my Catholic and Franciscan values were included in the federal budget, I witnessed the arrest of seven faith leaders praying in the lobby of the Senate Office Building. As I watched these men and women being handcuffed I questioned: what is God asking of us?

Two years ago, in his encyclical Laudato Si’, Pope Francis warned, “The warming (climate) caused by huge consumption on the part of some rich countries has repercussions on the poorest areas of the world, especially Africa, where a rise in temperature, together with drought, has proved devastating for farming.” (51) What is God asking of us, when 12 million children, women and men in East Africa, each one made in the image and likeness of God, are starving to death due to drought: a drought likely caused in part by our nation’s consumption and continued misuse of God’s creation?

As we watch images of our brothers and sisters starving throughout the world, how can we as a nation even consider a budget that will cut aid to international food programs, including taking every penny away from the International Food for Education program which helped feed more that 2 million people in 2016?

We daily entrust our cause to God. Yet, God has entrusted us with this time on earth, to live our Christian and Franciscan values at this moment in our nation’s history. With globalization and advances in communication technology we can no longer turn our heads when we see the tragic effects of environmental degradation on the lives of the world’s poorest. We are all interconnected; over 7 billion children, women and men with one home, Earth. What affects our brothers and sisters in East Africa affects us all. Each time we say the words of the Our Father, “Your will be done” we are reminded to consider what God may be asking of us. Recognizing Christ and our humanity in our brothers and sisters suffering injustice, we cannot NOT take action.

Sr. Maryann Mueller, CSSF
FAN Board Secretary

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