Learning to Let Go

Reflection for the 28th Sunday in Ordinary Time by Br. Edward Falsey, OFM Conv., FAN Director of Solidarity Tables

This reflection was originally posted in our October 8th newsletter

Let GoThis week’s Gospel reading for me creates a bit of a dilemma. Do I take this message literally or metaphorically? But still, I struggle…

Jesus spoke in stories and metaphors to convey the powerful and deep meanings of his message. By doing this, we can challenge ourselves to explore the profound levels of meaning in the Gospels as we grow in our faith and understanding.

This Gospel Reading is still challenging. In what ways do I need to give up my attachments to people, places and things? Being typically American, things mean a lot to me and sometimes become more important than even myself. When this happens in my life, I know things are out of balance. Sometimes I become aware of this in very painful ways. My challenge is to find the balance I need to be okay. How do I let go of those things that are not that important?

Jesus shows how letting go of these things can bring us all to a better place. Many times I find myself holding on and being forced to let go of the thing I want. When I do let go, I have found myself blessed in ways I could not imagine.

An example of one of these letting go experiences is the Friar’s Camp on Raquette Lake. I had been in charge of it for several years. The Friars told me we were giving it up in 1992. I had to let go. A group of people organized and set up a small nonprofit organization to help preserve the 100-year-old church that was on the property. This organization has been a wonderful blessing for the community on Raquette Lake. I have met many wonderful people. I have been part of the fundraising and restoration of the church on Long Point on Raquette Lake.

I let go of something that was very important to me. In many ways, the blessings came in ways I could never have expected. I have made some good friends. I have helped create an organization that continues to help build community on the lake. We have helped preserve a wonderful historic treasure, the Church of St. William’s on Long Point, for future generations. When we do let go, we allow God to do amazing things.

Being the stubborn sort, I have lots of examples in my life where I learned to let go. Some of these were painful, some not so painful. However, every single time, blessings come in ways I never expect. All I can do is be forever grateful.

Br. Edward Falsey, OFM Conv.
FAN Director of Solidarity Tables

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