“Have Pity on Me”

Reflection for the 30th Sunday in Ordinary Time by FAN Director of Advocacy, Sr. Maria Orlandini, OSF

This reflection was originally posted in our October 22nd newsletter

Bible.prayerI always liked the passage from this week’s Gospel of Mark. At different times in my life I felt like the blind man at the side of the road shouting, “Jesus, have pity on me!” What I like about it is the persistence of the blind man that does not allow himself to be intimidated by the rebuke of the apostles, telling him to be silent. But he kept calling out all the more, annoying everybody, I am sure. But Bartimaeus was desperate. He wanted so much to see and he considered Jesus passing as his chance to finally be heard and healed. I wonder how long he had been sitting by the roadside begging? He was certainly not going to let the passing of Jesus go in vain and miss his chance for a better life.

Do we have the determination of Bartimaeus in our asking, in our begging to Jesus to have pity on us?

Jesus, Son of David have pity on us when we are so blind not to see that putting children and families in cages is not the human thing to do.
Jesus, have pity on us, when we are so blind to believe we are safer and stronger if we demean the other, the one who seeks help and refuge from unspeakable situations of violence.
Jesus have pity on us, when we are so blind not to see that our own policies create situations of unrest and fear.

On a personal note, do I allow myself to be distracted or discouraged, telling myself that nothing will change anyway, that God will not pay attention to me?

Today in our world and particularly our nation it is so easy to get overwhelmed or discouraged by what is surrounding us. It seems that the rich and powerful have more and more their fill while the people who are poor and dispossessed loose on all sides. Earth is used and abused and we seem not to care what kind of world we are handing down to our children. Is this really the way it has to be?

The Gospel tells us that Jesus heard and stopped and directed the blind man, “Courage, getup, Jesus is calling you.” I challenge myself and all of us to hear these words addressed to each one of us, knowing that our faith tells us that Jesus does hear us. Maybe what has been asked of me is to fine tune the hearing in my heart. Do I do my part? Do I cry out loud enough? Do I speak out with courage and even desperation against injustice, against what I deem harmful and immoral? Do I do my civic duty and go to vote or do I just sit quietly by the roadside?

If I do speak out then the reading of Jeremiah confirms my conviction that God will hear. The Lord heard the cry of the Israelites in exile and “The Lord has delivered his people,…I will bring them back…I will gather them…they shall return…they departed in tears but I will lead them to brooks of water… for I am a father to Israel”. Like our ancestors, we too need not to be afraid but do our best in encouraging one another to trust because “The Lord has done great things for us; we are filled with joy.”

And God will not let us down NOW.

Sr. Maria Orlandini, OSF
FAN Director of Advocacy

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