Living in the Present Moment

Reflection for the 33rd Sunday in Ordinary Time by FAN Board Member, Sr. Marge Wissman, OSF

This reflection was originally posted in our November 12th newsletter

As we come to the end of the Church year we are called to be mindful that something new is coming – like the fig tree “When its branches become tender and sprout leaves, you know that summer is near. In the same way, when you see these things happening, know that God is near, at the gates.” But the mystery is that we do now know when that time arrives. The key is to remain faithful and live in hope. The end of the year readings prompt us to live for the present moment.

Pondering the end of life reminded me of the last judgment as recorded in Matthew 25:31-35 when we are told exactly what we need to do to get to heaven:


What is happening in the present moment? The caravan of those fleeing persecution in their own countries and looking for a place of rescue. Is this the present moment when God is calling us to live these works of mercy? Is it the present moment when God is asking us to remember that all were made to God’s image and likeness so we are all brothers and sisters? Is this the present moment when we are called to bring hope to those who struggle with hope for a better life? In answering these questions we will prepare ourselves for our judgment at the end of the world.

Sr. Marge Wissman
FAN Board Member

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