Who is on Our Doorstep?

Reflection for the 26th Sunday in Ordinary Time by FAN Board Member, Sr. Marge Wissman

This reflection was originally posted in our September 23rd newsletter

In reading this Sunday’s Gospel about the rich man and Lazarus I was reminded of another story I read about a man who, when going to his office everyday, noticed a ragged looking child sitting outside the building begging. This irritated the man who asked God everyday why God did not do something about this. One day he heard God’s answer: “I did do something, I created you!”

I do not know if this man acted on God’s message or not. We do know that the rich man in the Gospel was enjoying his wealth and paid no attention to those suffering and perhaps did not even know that Lazarus was on his doorstep.

Are we aware of who is on our doorstep? Or do we see them and act like we didn’t, and really wish we hadn’t seen those suffering? We need to also heed the caution that Amos gave the chosen people in the First Reading. Amos cautioned the people against a false sense of security. That if they think God expects nothing more of them because they are the chosen people, they are mistaken and this complacency can lead to ruin.

That is exactly what happened to the rich man for when he died he was sent to the “netherworld where he was tormented”. Lazarus died at the same time but was taken by the “angels to the bosom of Abraham”. When the rich man begged Father Abraham to warn his five brothers, Abraham answered: “They have Moses and the prophets, let them listen to them.”

Who or what has God placed in our path to warn us – the beatitudes, the commandments, the Social Justice Principles, modern day prophets, and those suffering – God places these in our path to warn us to notice injustices. We are challenged by the reality that it is hard to be giving in a society where having is deemed more important.

Sr. Marge Wissman, OSF
FAN Board Member

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