An End and A Beginning

Reflection for the Feast of the Baptism of the Lord by FAN Associate Director, Sr. Marie Lucey, OSF.

This reflection was originally posted in our January 6th newsletter

Image courtesy of Gerd Altman from Pixabay

On the liturgical calendar, the Baptism of Jesus marks the end of the Christmas Season, time to move on, perhaps reluctantly, from the manger, angels, shepherds, Magi guided by a star, the young holy family. In biblical times, this is the beginning of Jesus’ public ministry as he is baptized with water by John and by “the Spirit of God,” the “beloved Son,” prophesied by Isaiah to “establish justice on the earth.” In our personal lives, what endings and beginnings will the year 2020 hold for us? How will each of us live our baptismal commitment?

We, too, are God’s beloved. Conscious of our weaknesses, failures, and sins, or because we realize the challenges that being God’s beloved holds, we may be slow to accept this reality, to put boundaries on God’s extravagant love. But we, too, have been baptized with water and the Spirit of God. Like it or not, we are called to live our baptismal commitment each day, to work for “the victory of justice,” to go about “doing good and healing all those oppressed. . .”

On some days, we will feel overwhelmed or fatigued or discouraged in our efforts to live as baptized people. It is on those days especially that I must remind myself that I am God’s beloved. God’s love is so much larger than my limitations, failures, and vulnerabilities, that with me, too, God “is well pleased.” Believe it, baptized child of God!

Sr. Marie Lucey, OSF
FAN Associate Director

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  1. So true. How often do we put limits on God? I remember my first formal course in scripture study, Dr. Peter Williamson of Sacred Heart Seminary when discussing the passage from John 14 ” whatever you ask in my name with faith, it will be granted.” encouraged us to ask for great things. His message was don’t limit the limitless God.

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