March for Life 2020

Blog submission by FAN Board Member, Mr. David Seitz, OFS

This year the 47th March for Life will take place in Washington D.C.. It is a time for committed people of all faiths to come together to support the sanctity of life from conception through natural death. The Franciscan Action Network, since it’s inception 10 years ago, has participated each year in this important show of solidarity with our fellow citizens to demand our government make choices and enact legislation that will protect all human life.

We acknowledge and support the mission and founding principles of the March for Life. This event was conceived with a focus on the issue of abortion and we fully support that initiative. We support those who come to this event to call attention to the abortion issue and we applaud their tireless efforts to protect the unborn. We are one with them.

The Franciscan Action Network, and many Franciscans throughout the United States work and advocate for a consistent ethic of life. Protecting life in the womb is certainly the beginning of this important work. After birth, however, there are other issues that affect the dignity of the human person that require all to act with justice. We advocate for healthcare issues that will ensure those who are sick have a chance to be healed. We advocate for an end to the death penalty, in the spirit of St. Pope John Paul II, who said that in our world today, we have the capability to hold criminals accountable without executions. We advocate for just immigration policies which allow those fleeing from conditions that daily threaten their right to life to come to a more safe and secure place to work and raise their families. We advocate for climate justice so that we can help bring about a sustainable planet to provide healthy and secure living conditions for all people, especially those who are exploited in poor working conditions.

We join our prayer to all who are praying for the sanctity of life.

May the Lord grant you His peace.

David Seitz, OFS holds a concentration in Sacred Scripture from the M.A. Theology Program, Sacred Heart Major Seminary in Detroit, MI. He is a Certified Hospice Chaplain, speaker and retreat leader.

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  1. Yes, there are other issues that come under the umbrella of the defense of life, and they are all important. This day (January 24, 2020 – March for Life) is primarily for the end of governmentally approved, taxpayer supported, abortion. The victims of this horror are human life, literally with no voice but ours, and anyone connected with it – who are all scarred spiritually, mentally, and morally. This day is dedicated to them.

  2. Amen. No disagreement.

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