Claim Your Holiness!

Reflection for the 7th Sunday in Ordinary Time by FAN Associate Director, Sr. Marie Lucey, OSF

This reflection was originally posted in our February 17th newsletter

If asked to name an adjective describing yourself, I doubt if many of us would say “holy.” The men and women named on the liturgical calendar, THEY are holy. Each of us could identify people we know or have known whom we consider holy. But me? How blind or arrogant to call myself holy; I know myself too well. It’s easier to name my flaws and sins. Yet, this week’s scriptures tell us otherwise.

“Be holy,” the Lord charges Moses to tell the people, “for I, the Lord, your God am holy.” Paul writes to the Corinthians “…the temple of God, which you are, is holy.” The scriptures also make it clear in what holiness consists. “You shall love your neighbor as yourself.” (Lev. 19:18) In the gospel of Matthew, Jesus tells us to go the extra mile, and to “love your enemies.” So, holiness is not about haloes or asceticism or sinlessness; it is about love. Even the capital letter Saints were men and women with human flaws and limitations, not without sin, imperfect human beings. They were lovers of God and of fellow human beings who evidently believed that the Spirit of God dwelled in them, as Paul taught. In different ways, they went the extra mile as Jesus instructed.

On Wednesday of next week we will be marked with ashes to remind us that we are human (humus=earth) beings, and we are encouraged to repent. Repentance does not mean wallowing in guilt or demeaning ourselves. Yes, we acknowledge our faults and sins and resolve to follow Jesus more closely, but perhaps this Lent we can also claim our holiness. We are loved by God and we are to be lovers of God, other human beings, and all Creation. In other words, we are called to be holy. We are holy. How about that!

Sr. Marie Lucey, OSF
FAN Associate Director

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  1. I love this reflection. Spot on! I am presenting three parish missions this Lent on the topic of our being Temples of the Holy Spirit and what that means for our conversion of heart. Sr. Marie Lucey, as always, demonstrates the depth of her spirituality.

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