Esprit De Corps

The following prayer was sent to us by Timothy J. Flanagan of Connecticut.

Etched Esprit, is faded on my ring
Even though I didn’t wear it for years,
I knew what esprit de corps meant,
Except, I really didn’t
At our baccalaureate Mass in 1977,
Monsignor Joseph P. Moore gave homily
He said the Holy Spirit was in us, all of us
He said the Holy Spirit was about us, all of us
He said the Holy Spirit was us, all of us
He intoned enlivened a spirit, an esprit, an esprit de corps as liveliness, as wit, as comradeship, as a core belief, as sheer love
That was passed to us
It was with us: in Jody’s, in sound offs, in our cheer, at reveille, at taps,
In our creed, in our blood
I felt it, I heard it, I saw it
It was in my soldiers, in my friends, in my lover, in my children, and grandchildren
Over the years, seen in others, even enemies
From the best of verse, the height of song, the depth of example
It hides, then sneaks out, biting us in the rear
It reads in posts, blogs, emails, maybe a random thought
More in action, as when a stranger, a classmate, a friend calls out to an ailing brother
Or sends a note, a thought, a joke, a card
Esprit de Corps doesn’t fade
It only gets bolder,
Like a grip, a bump, by elbow, by foot, the gritty sparkle in an eye
Only brighter,
Only stronger,
Only Esprit, in Esprit de Corps,
As a Holy Spirit!

Timothy J. Flanagan runs a large recycling operation in Southeastern Massachusetts. He is one of 9 children raised in West Point, NY, by his parents, Luis J. And Kathryn Coady Flanagan, both buried at West Point, where his father was on staff. Tim graduated from West Point and served 10 years in the Army. He lives in Roxbury, CT.

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