A Statement from Regional Bishop Edward W. Clark Concerning the National Elections and a Call to Faithful Citizenship

Regional Bishop Edward W. Clark from the Our Lady of the Angels Pastoral Region of the Archdiocese of Los Angeles released the following statement in response to “some inquiries [he] received from Church members.”

In just a few weeks, the Nation will complete the voting process. I am taking this opportunity to respond to some inquiries I have received from Church members in recent weeks. First, the Church does not support or oppose any candidates running for office. Second, where the Church takes a position on particular legislation, that position is based on issues of morality and not of politics. In casting your vote, consider the moral implications of the proposition. Third, there is no “Catholic party.” No political party fully agrees with all the moral positions of the Church. If anyone, even a bishop or a priest, should tell you that as a Catholic you cannot vote for a particular party or that you must vote for one party rather than the other, know that the Church does not endorse such a position. Vote the party of your choice. Fourth, the Catholic Church is not a one issue church. There are a great many moral and ethical concerns the Church is called to address. It is a danger to consider only one issue to the detriment of all others. Fifth, as Catholics, we are called to vote for the common good (in other words, to vote for what is the greatest good for the greatest number of people) and to vote from our conscience (not from political, social or financial convenience). Finally, the Church encourages each one of us to register and vote – it is the responsible and Catholic thing to do. We are all called to be faithful citizens.

The Most Reverend Edward Wm. Clark is the Auxiliary Bishop of the Our Lady of the Angels Pastoral Region, one of the five Pastoral Regions in the Archdiocese of Los Angeles. He was appointed Titular Bishop of Gardar and Auxiliary Bishop in 2001.

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  2. […] and so I support Trump because of abortion,” please, do not be misled. If you are Catholic, it is not Catholic teaching that you must be a single issue voter. In fact, it is your moral duty to vote based on a thoughtful integration of issues. And if you are […]

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